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The City of Oshawa has launched an interactive cultural map that showcases the community’s providers and creators of cultural services, programs and events on an online geographical map of Oshawa. Oshawa’s Cultural Map is available on the City’s website through the Culture Counts web section at It maps each service, program and/or event by its longitude/ latitude coordinates, and allows web users to search listings by name, category or to generally browse the map.

The map currently includes listings for Community Cultural Groups, Cultural Businesses, Cultural Facilities & Venues, Festivals & Events, and Heritage Sites, Properties & Public Art. “A cultural map is a great way to showcase our amazingly talented artists and our historically or culturally significant assets,” said Councillor Amy England, Council representative on the Culture Counts Transition Team. “This map will help grow and support our vibrant creative economy and give residents a chance to know all the great gems Oshawa has to offer.” “There’s always something interesting going on in Oshawa,” said Councillor Bob Chapman, Chair of the Community Services Committee. “Our cultural map will assist both our residents and many visitors to find cultural locations and learn about upcoming festivals so they can share in the experience of these amazing places and events.”

Oshawa organizations that were not included in the inventory and would like to be on the map, are asked to please e-mail or call 905-436-3311. Culture Counts: Oshawa’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Plan was approved in February 2014 following consultation with and input from the community and stakeholder groups. The Plan includes six strategic directions that provide a framework of strategies and actions. The Plan identifies that the City “launch an interactive cultural map and searchable database to increase awareness and participation in local arts, culture and heritage activities” aimed at increasing and strengthening communication within and about the arts, culture and heritage sector. For more information, and to access Oshawa’s interactive cultural map, visit

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Why Add Your Business?

Why Add Your Business?

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Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

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Free Advertising

Free Advertising

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Our Philosophy

“We build websites that build relationships!”

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Their Philosophy

They charge you to put a listing on their media delivery system (print, TV, radio, billboard) and then you hope that it results in sales to justify the costs!

Our Advice

We respect your right to promote your business wherever you feel your money is best spent. Therefore, our advice is simple: “Don’t change anything in your existing marketing plan if you don’t want to except to take advantage of our free offer with no contract to sign and cancelable at anytime.”